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Clients can rely on competent consultation and representation, drawing from many years of nationwide judicial and consultative experience as a German Attorney at Law practicing in a great variety of legal areas.


Medium-sized companies, small businesses, individual enterprises as well as private persons are comprehensively and professionally serviced in a trustworthy manner.


Professional emphasis is on civil law, law of tenancy, employment law as well as contract law (i.e. sales, construction or endowment law) and real estate law. It is not possible on this website to provide an exhaustive list of all the legal areas in which support can be offered. If any questions occur, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


To reach the office please refer to the map on the page Anfahrt.



Authorized to represent clients at all German district courts (Amtsgerichten), regional courts (Landgerichten) and higher regional courts, provincial high courts, regional appeal courts (Oberlandesgerichten).


Member of the bar association Munich (Rechtsanwaltskammer Muenchen)


Membership number 33322



Professional liability insurance:

Bayerischer Versicherungsverband Versicherungs AG

Maximilianstrasse 35   80530 Muenchen   German

Area of validity: Europe including Turkey (geographical)                                                                                                               

UStNr.: 145/138/10432